When describing myself, it's easy to put in my accolades and accomplishments.  However, that may be a portion of who I am, but it's not the whole me.  

Firstly, I have the joy of being a recent breast cancer thriver.  Many of those who have been or are going through a critical illness can relate that it definitely alters one's perspectives on life.  Each morning becomes a blessing and every breath a reminder that this life is precious.  You can read about my journey through my blogs.

I'm proudly born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  I spent the majority of my life working and living within the GTA and downtown Toronto.  I also had the extreme pleasure of living in western Canada for 4 years amongst the beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains.  The harshness of the northern climate snow was warmed by the immense kindness of the people who lived there.  When San Diego came calling, it was difficult to leave the people there but I was exhilarated for new adventures that took me from mountains to seascape. 

Currently, I get the unique pleasure of living in 2 places, I'm between my hometown and San Diego.  When I'm home, I not only get to spend time with my family and friends, but I get to treat and connect with patients.  When I'm in San Diego, I am fulfilling my other dream of being able to teach at Bastyr University.

If 2 places I call home wasn't enough, my husband is from Northern Ireland, so we travel there quite a bit to see family.  Also, my family is originally from India, where we often travel to as well.  Needless to say, I love to travel to all 4 of my home countries.  The culture of each place is unique, and I feel like I've been learning to embody them all.

Lastly, my academic/vocational background: I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2009.  In addition to my qualifications as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor both in Ontario and California, I have an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from York University and Master in Public Health from Lakehead University. I've worked in mental health research both at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, as well as the University of Alberta.  I've practiced in integrative psychiatric clinics in Toronto and Edmonton, as well as in practices focused on generalized care in Oakville and Sherwood Park. I currently see patients online and at my Canada location in Brampton, Ontario.

Combining the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine with modern science, I have developed a truly unique approach to healing. I use the tenets of Naturopathic medicine which believes in treating the whole person and getting to the root cause of a patients’ problems, while empowering them to become active participants in the management of their own health.

Yours in Health,

Baljit Kaur Khamba