To My Dear Students

June 20, 2019

Dear Class of 2019,

First of all, congratulations on going through this incredible naturopathic medical school journey. These are the moments that truly show how hard work, dedication, combined with laughter and even a few tears can eventually pay off.

I have had the utmost pleasure of not only to have taught you but also to have supervised and coached you in clinic. I got to witness such wonderful potential in all of you, in your own unique way. During teaching, my goal was to educate you in critical thinking skills in hopes that it would prove useful to you as you become practitioners. As you learned, I have walked alongside you urging you and mentoring you. Then in clinic, my desire was to engage in your complex thinking, empathy and a hunger to learn more. It was my desire that clinic be the spark that would have provided you a glimpse into your naturopathic career.

As I walked along that journey with you, each of your successes that I graded, witnessed or heard about became a victory for me. When a challenge presented itself, I was humbled that you came to me so that we could work through it together. My wish was to tell you all individually how you have grown in so many different ways, but for now I'll settle for telling you that my heart swells with pride and joy to know that you have reached this distinguished point in your career path.

When I had my untimely leave to come back to Canada, it seemed that Fate's hand was strongly at work, urging me to go home to Toronto. Upon coming back, I scheduled myself for a regular physical noticing a change to a breast lump I'd had for a long time. As life would have it, I was rather quickly sent through a battery of test to diagnose with 2 spots of an aggressive triple negative stage 3 invasive carcinoma in situ. I was utterly crushed upon hearing the diagnosis, but with some faith, a support network at home and a dash of Khamba perseverance I remain optimistic about my outcome.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and your education. You allowed me to live out my dream and I will never have enough words to express my deepest gratitude for that.

It's been my esteemed pleasure to have guided you in your accomplishments. Please know that you have an open door to come visit me in Toronto and I hope to hear from you about your continued growth. or

Welcome Doctors!


With deepest reverence,

Dr. Baljit Khamba

Day 1 at Bastyr University.  What an incredible journey!

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